All of us have sexual desires and feelings; how we express those desires and feelings is very personal. Some students are not sure what they want to do sexually, and they have plenty of company. Many Ball State students have chosen abstinence for moral or ethical reasons, such as a belief that the act of intercourse should be reserved as an expression of a lifetime commitment to one person, to avoid pregnancy, or to avoid any sexually transmitted infections. Remaining abstinent can be the best choice a student can make until confusion regarding sexual feelings can be resolved.

Sorting out feelings about sexual expression can continue throughout young adulthood. Some students have examined their sexual feelings and desires and have chosen to be sexually active with one or more persons. In order to assist these students in making healthy decisions, Health Education has developed The Condom Shoppe.

We offer four different styles of free condoms, including the number one rated condom by Consumer Reports for its strength and reliability, and printed information for Ball State students.  In addition, we have NON-latex, polyisoprene condoms for those individuals with latex allergens. We also offer dental dams by request. The shop is located on the second floor of the Health Center, Room 201. Students can visit the Condom Shoppe during our regular office hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We ask that you limit your selection to five (5) condoms and one (1) dental dam per visit. 

*** RAs and Student Organization representatives are able to pick up condoms in larger quantities for sexual responsibility programs and events. Contact our office form more information.***  

For further information:
Planned Parenthood