"People may not remember exactly what you did or what you
said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." - Author unknown.

Our employees are our greatest resource!

We in Business Affairs are committed to enhancing the quality of our employees' work and life environment by recognizing exemplary leadership, service, achievements, and performance within Business Affairs. 

We value a quality, high performing employee culture in which Business Affairs employees embody the essence of our core guiding principles: customer service excellence, leadership, innovation, teamwork/collaboration, and stewardship.

Program Goals

The Business Affairs Employee Recognition Program embodies five (5) important elements:   

  1. Recognize our employees based upon behaviors that drive actions and specific results 
  2. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition 
  3. Share recognition stories 
  4. Make recognition easy and more frequent so that it becomes part of the way we do business 
  5. Promote the goals, mission and values of Business Affairs and the University

The program includes two types of recognition:

Informal Recognition

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Informal recognition can be used every day/week/month to acknowledge the contributions of our employees, teams and/or departments within Business Affairs. In other words, for the greatest effect, informal recognition should be an integral part of the way we do business each day at the university and can be highly effective in creating an environment in which employees feel valued and appreciated for their accomplishments and performance. Each Business Affairs unit will be encouraged to develop informal ways/initiatives to recognize the accomplishments of their employees and increase/maintain employee morale.

Formal Recognition

The Program's formal recognition initiatives provide another opportunity for Business Affairs to honor, in a more formal award setting, the accomplishments of our talented employees in Business Affairs. The Business Affairs Employee Recognition Program Awards are designed to recognize those employees and/or teams that exemplify and promote our Core Guiding Principles.

Nominations: Anyone within or outside the Office of Business Affairs can submit a Business Affairs Employee Recognition Program nomination for a Business Affairs employee and/or team. The nomination forms for the program can be submitted online or in a hard copy format. All nomination forms will be submitted to Human Resources for review by the Employee Recognition Committee.  An unlimited number of nominations may be submitted each year for each program award.

Eligibility: Any full-time or part-time Business Affairs employee is eligible for recognition under this program.

Schedule: Nominated and/or selected award recipients will be recognized during the Business Affairs Fall Annual Meeting or other appropriate Business Affairs forum. Supervisors of award recipients are asked to be in attendance.

Award Categories: There are three (3) annual award categories and one (1) recipient for each annual award under this Program:

Collaboration and Innovation
Excellence in Service