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Leaves of Absence

Family and Medical Leave Online Training Module 
This module is an audio/slide show presentation. It provides current information on FMLA and the procedures to be followed when applying for this leave program.

Leaves of Absence

Family Medical Leave 
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 Fact Sheet for Ball State University Employees

Funeral Leave 
Funeral Leave

Emergency Leave 
Emergency Leave is available to full-time employees when a member of the employee's immediate family or household suffers from a serious health condition.

Child Care Leave 
Child Care Leave is applicable when an employee wishes to remain off work after the birth of his or her child.  

Maternity Leave 
Maternity Leave is applicable when an employee's physician determines that she is unable to work due to pregnancy related reasons.

Pregnancy Leave 
Pregnancy Leave is a leave option available for a pregnant employee prior to the time she and her physician determine that she is unable to work. 

Military Leave 
A leave of absence will be granted to an employee who is called to a tour of training or active duty.

Military Service Benefits Leave 
A leave of absence without pay of up to 10 working days will be granted to the spouse, parent (defined as biological father or mother, adoptive father or mother, or a court appointed guardian or custodian), grandparent (defined as biological grandparent), or sibling (defined as brother or sister by blood, half blood or adoption) of a person ordered to active duty in the United States armed forces or the National Guard. 

Mutual Leave 
Mutual Leave may be granted if the leave is mutually convenient for the employee and the university, provided a replacement is not required. 

Personal Leave 
A leave of absence without pay that may be granted under special circumstances, benefits are not continued under Personal Leave. 

Study Leave 
A Study Leave is a leave of absence for employees when they are working on a degree program or when it relates to their position at the university.