Ball State professors focus on teaching and mentoring students as well as having the opportunity to pursue a research agenda.  The educational experience for our students has an immersive learning emphasis which allows undergraduates to work alongside faculty on projects in their field of study.  Ball State’s excellence is due to the quality of our faculty and their commitment to teaching. So, learn how you can become a part of the university that “The Princeton Review” calls one of the best in the Midwest. 

Additional infomation is available in the Faculty and Professional Personnel Handbook.

To see some faculty testimonials of personal experience working at Ball State, visit the links below.  

 Faculty Testimonials

Nancy Carlson: Associate Professor of Telecommunications 
For more information about Nancy Carlson

Timothy Carter: Assistant Professor of Biology
For more information about Timothy Carter

Ramon Avila: Distinguished Professor of Marketing
For more information about Ramon Avila

Charlene Alexander: Associate Provost for Diversity
For more information about Charlene Alexander

Vinayak Tanksale: Instructor of Computer Science
For more information about Vinayak Tanksale