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Learning and Development

More About Learning & Development

What have you learned today? In our fast-paced world, knowledge in many fields doubles every five years. To stay sharp and competitive, join your fellow learners at a session sponsored by the Learning and Development (L&D) office. Visit the L&D page to download the session guide and register for 80+ sessions available. 

What can I learn in 90 minutes to two hours? You'll be surprised! L&D sessions are presented by up-to-date, professional consultant-trainers. Yes, you can learn by reading articles and browsing the web. You can also learn by attending short, focused L&D sessions and interacting with other Ball State employees! We welcome attendance by employees, supervisors, and managers. Faculty and graduate students are also welcome to attend L&D sessions. 

I'm already an experienced manager. What can you teach me? Please consider attending to help others develop by sharing your experience and knowledge. Newer employees appreciate hearing from experienced managers who share lessons-learned-the-hard-way. 

Could I invite my employees to an L&D session as a team-building experience? Yes, if you're a manager or supervisor, attending a L&D with your employees is an excellent opportunity to team-build. By attending a session with your employees, you're sending a clear message that you value life-long learning. 

What sessions are offered? Visit the L&D webpage to download the current edition of Learning & Doing: L&D Session Guide. Using your feedback, we added new features within the guide to create a roadmap to learning. The session guide is published as a PDF which means it's searchable. Plus, we've added links within the guide to give multiple ways to find and register for great learning experiences.

How do I use this guide?  We've added several new features to the session guide to make it easier to find the best learning experiences for you. You can find sessions within the Learning & Doing: L&D Session Guide: Using feedback from your annual performance evaluation Using the list of sessions in the Table of Contents Using the list of sessions by month Using the search box and keywords. 

I filled out an online survey about learning. Did anyone read it? Yes! In fact, because of feedback from the survey, we've made many improvements. 

How do I register for a session? We've made it easy to register. Next to the session time we've added a "Register Now!" link. Clicking it takes you directly into the Minicourse Registration System (MRS) for that session. Just select the session that best fits your calendar, click the "Register" button, and you're done!  

Who is eligible to attend? We welcome all Ball State University employees, including faculty and graduate students. 

Can I get reminders about upcoming L&D sessions?  A general Ball State University e-mail describing individual workshops is sent approximately two weeks before each L&D session. You can register on-line, by e-mail, telephone, or fax.