This program was established in 1995 to provide professional clerical development opportunities for BSU credit. It is a certificate program requiring 12 semester hours of BSU course work offered by the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management in the Miller College of Business. 

Reason to Enroll in this Program 
It is an opportunity to upgrade and master information processing skills which enhance current job performance and additional employment opportunities. 

Requirements to Gain Admission as a BSU Student 
If you have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. and have not been enrolled in a secondary school for at least two years, obtain a "Non-Degree Application" from the Office of Admissions; complete and submit the application to the Office of Admissions. (Non-Degree student admission is typically for students who have never been enrolled in college or a post-secondary institution.) Employees currently enrolled who have been admitted as regular students are also eligible for this program. Participants in PEP have four years from enrollment into the first course to complete the program. 

Required Courses 
ISOM 125 (This course must be taken first.)
ISOM 125 (3 hours) Introduction to Business with Integrated Computer Applications
Offers an overview of the business environment with an emphasis on accounting, economics, finance, human resource management, information systems, management, marketing, logistics and supply chain management. Integrates the use of computer application software to design, create, and produce deliverables for problem solving and decision making within the areas of business. Explores career opportunities within the areas of business. 

ISOM 210 (3 hours) Business Information Systems
Reviews the imperative information services in modern organizations. Details the role of information technologies and computer systems used in the planning, management, and evaluation of these information services. Presents elements of managerial decision making and critical and creative thinking to improve business operations. Applies case studies for individuals and teams to solve business problems. Prerequisite: ISOM 125.

ISOM 228 (3 hours) Advanced Microcomputer Applications for Business
Uses office productivity tools to solve business problems for small- and medium-sized organizations. Emphasis on using complex formulas and advanced functionality to solve problems and to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. Prerequisite: ISOM 125

ISOM 249 (3 hours ) Foundations of Business Communication 
The course provides pre-business majors with a cornerstone course designed to develop the interpersonal, analytical, written, and presentation skills needed to succeed in upper division business courses and on the job. Prerequisite: ISOM 125; ENG 104 or 114; sophomore standing. Open to pre-business and business majors and business minors or by special permission.

Course Fees 
Use of the Ball State University Fee Remission Program (free tuition) is available for eligible BSU employees for these undergraduate classes. 

Program Administration 
This program is administered by the Office of Learning and Development. 

Certificate of Achievement 
Upon completion of the program, apply for your Certificate of Achievement by contacting the Associate Director of Human Resources, Learning and Development, University Human Resource Services (5-1819).