Philip Repp

Information Technology looks forward to an exciting year and strives to make your interactions with university services uncomplicated and straightforward. As an organization, we aspire to avoid overly complex technologies that are difficult to access, while making sure our students, faculty, and staff are richly empowered with the right digital materials.  

Recently, IT unveiled a new portal to university services. This new portal provides the quickest access to many IT resources without the burden of searching across the web to find the particular service you need. We hope the portal will be a more direct path to getting answers quickly. 

One of Information Technology’s highest priorities is streamlining services to making your digital life simpler. In the summer, the university will retire several outdated systems to focus resources on newer technologies that better serve the university missions. By sunsetting Web GradeBook, InQsit, and scan sheet testing, we aim to help the campus select more pervasive and efficient technology tools to carry out the learning mission. 

In addition, we are happy to announce the expansion of our digital textbook initiative. We have been working with various campus business units to make it easier for students to identify course sections with a digital textbook option. The digital textbook initiative was undertaken to provide students the choice of using lower cost e-texts. 

There is so much more happening in Information Technology. I encourage you to visit the IT website to stay informed and learn about new opportunities and discoveries as they become available.