Sponsored by the Office of Institutional Diversity (OID), the Diversity Associates Program provides instructors and staff with the opportunity to execute a diversity-related curriculum development project of their own design.

The Office of Institutional(OID) invites faculty to submit applications for the 2017-2018 Diversity Associates Program. 

Faculty may propose an individual project or a collaborative project with a colleague. We welcome submissions regarding research, pedagogy, immersive learning and undergraduate research, campus/community dialogues or grants.

Diversity Associates Faculty will be partnered with an Office of Institutional Diversity faculty mentor.Associates will be expected to meet with mentors on a regular basis. Projects should focus on one or more of the following areas: race, ethnicity, economic status, national origin, disability, gender, sexual identity, age, and/or religious viewpoints.

Expected outcomes are either (1) conference proposal, article submission or book chapter, (2) a plan for pedagogical innovations including a description of initial steps completed, (3) immersive learning grant application or undergraduate research product, (4) plan for conducting a diversity dialogue, or (5) the development of an idea for a grant project or grant submission.

A total stipend of $650 per project will be provided upon completion of the project. Mentors for this project are Dr. Mary Kite and  Dr. James Connolly (research), Dr. David Concepción (inclusive pedagogy), Melinda Messineo  (immersive learning and diversity dialogue), and Dr. Stanley Geidel and SPA rep (grants).

Materials to submit for consideration are:
. The Diversity Associate Cover Sheet with chairperson signature
. A two page summary of the project*
. A one page summary of project goals/expected outcomes
. A copy of your Curriculum Vitae

* For Diversity Research projects, please summarize the proposed project idea and provide a discussion of any preliminary work you have done. Projects may focus on any of the identities above, or on process questions such as privilege, the experience of discrimination, or developing multicultural competence and can be either qualitative or quantitative in nature.

* For Inclusive Pedagogy projects, please describe your initial thoughts regarding what you might ask students to do to enhance their expertise with regard to the axis or axes of diversity you are choosing to address. Please emphasize why you think students will be different, in important ways, after engaging the learning activities you hope to create for them.

*For Immersive Learning and Undergraduate Research Grant projects, please describe the project and your expected outcomes.

*For Diversity Dialogue projects, please describe the topic that will be explored, the anticipated audience and outcomes.

* For Grant Idea Development projects: final outcomes include 1) a written Research Statement/ Scholarly Statement/Artist Statement; and 2) a Concept Paper.
To apply for this area: please summarize the proposed project idea and a discussion of any preliminary work you have done, if any, to link this idea with an appropriate external sponsor.

* For Grant Proposal Submission projects: the final outcome includes a submitted grant proposal.

To apply for this area: please summarize the proposed project, the sponsor name, the specific Request for Proposals to which you will respond, and the associated deadline date (must be May 1 or earlier). Evidence of the appropriateness of the RFP to the proposal idea is strongly encouraged. This evidence might include a conversation or email exchange with a Program Officer; encouragement from a department chair, college dean, or SPA staff member regarding a specific sponsor; or other evidence of sponsor suitability.

Materials should be sent to lalove2@bsu.edu. Please contact Dr. Melinda Messineo, mmessine@bsu.edu if you have any questions.

The deadline for submission of the completed 2017-18 Diversity Associate project is September 1st at 5pm.

Melinda Messineo

Associate Professor, Sociology

Interim Associate Provost for Diversity

and Director of the Office of Institutional Diversity


Office of Institutional Diversity

2000 W. University, CA 104

Muncie, IN 47306