Network Services provide access to Internet resources such as a global website, a campus academic system such as Blackboard or a departmental printer via both wired and wireless networks.  VPN access is available for individuals who need remote, secure access to campus resources.

Faculty and Staff can complete a Communications Services Request (CSR) form to request new physical network connection, move an existing connection, or cancel a connection.  Residence hall rooms have an active network connection that can be shared between the roommates.

Wireless access is available via 802.11g or 802.11n networks throughout the campus.  We provide two networks: bsusecure is a secure network for faculty, staff, and students and bsuguest which is intended for our campus visitors.

Network Services also provide a rich set of network tools that allow you to view information about your connection's status and determine access capabilities to resources both on and off campus included are items such as a speed test, trace route, and several gadgets and widgets that provide real time network statistics.