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Testing Lab Policies

 Effective 6/27/13

1. No reservations required.  Testing labs operate on a walk-in basis.
    a.  Student must arrive between normal operating hours of a testing lab.
    b.  Student may not leave lab and return during test.  

2. Student must present either a valid BSU ID or their BSU ID number and a valid picture ID. ID will be returned when student leaves the lab.

3. Blackboard exams:  Respondus Lock-down browser is launched when student accesses Blackboard exams in proctored labs.  This application restricts students to test pages only.  Use of materials, such as, notes, cell phones, books and calculators will be reported to instructors via email.  Lab monitors will not confront students who are using materials.

4. No materials are allowed at testing stations.
Note: Non-lockable “cubbies” are available at the Student Center testing facility for your convenience. Chairs with storage underneath are provided in the Robert Bell testing lab.  UTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL ITEMS.

5. Scrap paper is available upon request and must be returned to the desk monitor when leaving the lab.

6. Talking, other than with lab monitors, is prohibited.

7. Children are not allowed in the testing lab.

8. Disruptive behavior of any kind is prohibited.

9. Students must immediately follow any written or oral instructions from any lab personnel.

10. Unified Technology Support Labs will work with faculty and/or departments to secure other lab space for special test requirements that are not suited for the current testing labs.

11. Faculty will be informed of changes/updates to the Computer-Based Testing policies through various means including, but not limited to, web pages and mass e-mails.