Blue residence hall lots are enforced 24 hours a day from 7 p.m. on Sunday through 5 p.m. on Friday.  A residence hall permit authorizes parking in the assigned blue residence hall lot. It also authorizes parking at the stadium.  

Students who live in the residence halls that are not first year freshmen are eligible to purchase the following residence hall permits.  Please check with Parking Services on the availability of residence hall permits. If we do not have space available, you can request to be put on a waiting list.  Learn about purchasing and displaying a permit.  

You cannot register a vehicle that belongs to another student, employee, or family member of another student or employee.  Doing so will result in revocation of parking privileges.  

 Lot  Description
 H2   Johnson Complex
 H4   DeHority Complex
 H6   Elliott Hall
 H7   Worthen Arena
 H8   Studebaker Complex 
 H9   Kinghorn Hall
 R6H  Emens Structure

Prices & Expiration Dates

The cost of a residence hall permit (lots beginning with H) is $83 (registration fee) plus an additional $48 per semester.  The cost of an R6H permit is $83 (registration fee) plus an additional $119 per semester.  

If you have a premium plan contract with the parking option, Housing and Residence Life will pay the $83 registration fee.  The student is responsible for the additional $48 or $119 per semester.  

Residence hall permits are not sold for the summer.  During the summer only, students who have an expired residence hall permit for the current school year can park in any green surface commuter or blue housing lot.  Parking for the summer semester begins the Monday after spring semester finals are over and lasts through the Friday before fall classes begin.