Silent Witness is a Web-based program that allows individuals to anonymously report information about criminal activity on campus.

"We are hopeful that Silent Witness will be an effective investigative tool and that it will help us maintain a safe and secure university community," says Robert Fey, associate director of Ball State's Department of Public Safety. "Perhaps the element of anonymity will motivate individuals to report suspicious or unusual activity which might otherwise go unreported.

"For example, if someone has information about who is stealing data projectors, or the current location of the stolen projectors, a person could provide Ball State police with a tip by accessing our Web site. We believe it will play a vital role in helping our investigators by providing us with detailed information from anonymous sources."

The Silent Witness Form allows users to answer questions about the type of crime, time and location, descriptions of suspects and individuals, and provide additional sources for information or contacts.

"However, Silent Witness is not to be used for reporting crimes in progress or emergencies and cannot be used to file formal police reports," he said.

Silent Witness reports will be reviewed each morning by Ball State detectives.