If you are interested in reserving Pruis Hall for your upcoming event, please contact Lou Patterson or Terri Bryant at 765-285-5524 or email pruishall@bsu.edu to inquire about availability.

If you are a Ball State student group and have confirmed availability, please contact Charlie Scofield at 285-1850 to complete a space requisition form. Departments can request a space requistion form from the Pruis Hall office to be completed and returned.

Schedule of Fees:
Rental Fees:
Non-University Organizations:
          $350 (with admission to event); $250 (without admission to event); $100 (lobby only)
University Departments & Organizations:
          $150 (with admission to event); $0 (without admission to event); $50 (lobby only)

Labor Fees:
$8.65/hour (event staff); $27.04/hour (technical staff)
**Pruis Hall can provide a labor estimate prior to event based on the specified needs.

Rehearsal Fees:
Non-University Organizations:       
University Department & Organizations:
           Free (not to exceed 3 hours)

Merchandise Sales:
All merchandise sold is subject to 7% sales tax and 15% facility commission.

A $50 deposit is required to secure space.                                                                                          

Cancellation Fee:

Free events will be subject to a $50 fee if notified within two weeks from the scheduled performance date.

Late Reservation Fee:
A $50 late reservation fee will be assessed to any organization reserving the facility less than 14 days prior to an event.

Should you need to cancel a space reservation, please contact the Pruis Hall office. Your deposit is non-refundable.

If your event is open to the general public and you would like it to appear on the Pruis Hall calendar please contact the Pruis Hall Graduate Assistant at pruishall@bsu.edu.