Data Privacy Day - "Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust"

On January 28, 2017, the Office of Information Security Services will be participating in an annual effort in conjunction with, in sharing valuable information on protecting your digital footprint. The importance of this subject is highlighted by the statistics recently reported by Truste/National Cyber Security Alliance U.S. Consumer Privacy Index 2016

92% of U.S. Internet users worry about their privacy online, yet only 31% understand how companies share their personal information.
45% are more worried about their online privacy than one year ago.
Interesting consumer statistics:
  • 45% want control over who has access to personal information.
  • 41% want control over the type of information collected.
  • 42% want control over how their information is used.
  • 23% want to be able to delete personal information collected.
In regards to privacy, security and digital rights:
  • 38% think online privacy is more important than national security.
  • 64% think online privacy should be a human right.
  • 60% think they have the right to be forgotten.
  • 37% think losing online privacy is merely a part of being more connected.

These statistics show that a large number of us are concerned about online privacy, and want more control over our digital footprint. Unfortunately 32% think protecting personal information online is too complex. Through awareness, such as informational events, password tools, and informational resources we can help make protecting personal information less complicated.