The CREATE program aims to encourage the artistic and creative endeavors of faculty. The program hopes to support the creation and presentation of works of those in the fields of Art, Dance, Design, Folk, Literature and more. Through this program applicants have the opportunity to request a larger amount of funding if they plan to submit proposals to external sponsors. The maximum amount for this competition is $7,500 based on external funding plans. Please see the Aspire Calendar to view the deadlines for this competition.

To be eligible for a CREATE grant, the Project Director (PD) must have a record of external artistic activity (BSU institutional grants do not meet this requirement).



Congratulations to our fall 2017 awardees: 

  • Tom McConnell- CSH- Conservation Tales: Children's books about wildlife conservation
  • Jessica Calderwood- CFA- Scale Shift: A New Exploration


Please see the Aspire Calendar to view important deadlines and dates for this competition.

* Both deadlines can include requests for Summer pay and/or Fall / Spring buyouts for the following academic year.