“Do Something” Pledge
#bsulifeline  #chirpchirp #ballstate

Optional: raise right hand in Ball State “chirp” gesture

I solemnly pledge…

To do something:

To stop my friends

From unwise actions

that will get them

or others in trouble;

To step in and take safe action

to protect my friends 

and people I do not know well

when they clearly can’t protect themselves;

To call 911

when things are dangerous,

when someone is unconscious,

or can’t be roused,

whose skin is cool and clammy to the touch,

or whose breathing doesn’t seem right;

To be a great friend,

to be a good neighbor,

to be courageous,

to be a lifeline;

To do something…

when the time comes for me to act.

I challenge the following to join me [us] in taking this pledge: 

Name(s) of person/organization/team____________________________________________

Post to YouTube, Vimeo, tweet, or post to Facebook (status set to public) tagging the "challengee" and with #bsulifeline along with any other tags you wish (e.g. #chirpchirp @ballstate @yourhandle, etc.)