6.2 Housing and Residence Life Disciplinary Procedures

(See also  Housing and Residence Life Handbook for a detailed description.)

When a violation occurs within or adjacent to facilities of Housing and Residence Life or in the context of programs sponsored by that office, the following disciplinary procedures apply.

After reviewing an incident report and related documentation the Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff member (Residence Hall Director or RHD, Assistant Residence Hall Director or ARHD, or Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life) shall have two options: (1) to provide the option of a preliminary meeting with the accused student or (2) to send a case directly to a disciplinary hearing.

6.2.1 Preliminary Meeting - Student meets with the designated HRL staff member to discuss the documentation. The following options are available:
a. Student can plead “responsible” for the policy violation(s) and have the sanction determined at that time by the designated HRL staff member.
b. Student can plead “not responsible” for the policy violation(s) and request a hearing with the appropriate hearing body. For most situations, the appropriate hearing will be a Hall Director Hearing. In situations where cancellation of the student’s housing contract is a possibility or if the student documented is already on disciplinary probation, the student may be offered the choice of having an Administrative Hearing or a Conduct Board Hearing. (Note: When the Conduct Board is not operating, the student is automatically assigned to an Administrative Hearing.)
c. If the student does not attend the Preliminary Meeting, the designated HRL staff member will arrange a hearing.

6.2.2 Housing and Residence Life Disciplinary Hearings
a. Hall director hearings are conducted by an RHD or ARHD. Usually this will be the RHD or ARHD of the building in which the accused student resides.
b. Administrative Hearings are conducted by an Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life.
c. Conduct Board Hearings are conducted by a board composed of a group of qualified students selected by each residence hall.

6.2.3 Appeal Process
a. A student may appeal the result of a Hall Director Hearing decision to the appropriate Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life.
b. Decisions by a Conduct Board Hearing or Administrative Hearing may be appealed to the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life.
c. A student has two business days from the delivery of the original decision to the student’s mailbox in which to submit an appeal in writing.
d. A student may appeal based on the following reasons:

    1) A substantial procedural error that unreasonably impaired the student or the hearing body.
    2) An unduly harsh sanction against the accused student.
    3) New information of a substantive nature not available at the original hearing. 
    4) Information of substantial bias on the part of the disciplinary body hearing the case.

e. An appeal may be resolved in one of the following ways:

    1) The original decision may be upheld.
    2) Modified sanctions, either greater or lesser, may be imposed.
    3) The case may be remanded back for a new hearing.
    4) All allegations may be dismissed.

f. The appellate decision shall be final and will not be subject to any further appeal.

6.2.4 Referrals to the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards

Any case may be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards for adjudication or for consideration of additional sanctions when:
a. Violations are of a more serious nature and may warrant consideration of suspension or expulsion from the University.
b. Violations involve off-campus students.

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