Safety Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs

At the beginning of each academic year, University employees are sent a letter informing them of safety procedures, emergency communication, responding to emergencies and helping students in distress. The letter includes highlighted safety information, directs employees to the University website, and is accompanied by a printed version of emergency response guidelines to keep close to office telephones. Guidelines encourage employees to be responsible for their own and others’ safety and provide information on how best to keep safe in various situations.

Students are notified by similar materials distributed through residence halls. In addition, articles in the student newspaper (the Daily News) regarding safety and crime prevention are initiated by University police.
Emergency phones have been placed throughout the campus to aid in the reporting of crimes or other emergencies.

A campus escort service has been established to provide the community with safe campus transportation to and from university buildings. The Campus Escort Service can be reached at (765) 285-5005, 6 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., Sunday thru Thursday.

University Police conduct Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) courses throughout the year. Learn more at

Security awareness and crime prevention presentations relating to personal safety and the safeguarding of one's property are offered to the entire university community through the University Police Department. Thousands of students take advantage of these programs each year. Individuals or student organizations interested in obtaining a program presenter should contact Public Safety at (765) 285-3009.

In cooperation with the Office of Housing and Residence Life, University Police assist with the after-hours security of all residence halls.

The Office of Student Rights and Community Standards is responsible for administering the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (published at, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, behaviors prohibited on and off campus, sanctions, and the procedural rights of students and student organizations. Any person, agency, organization, or entity may make a complaint to the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards alleging a violation of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

In addition, any criminal offense may be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards, which in turn will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency with the permission of the victim. The Office of Student Rights and Community Standards is located in the Student Center, room L-4; telephone: (765) 285-5036.