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Video Services

The award-winning video production units provides faculty with the very best visual enhancement tools for the classroom and all presentations. An experienced team headed by a Teleplex Producer will assist with design and development of the content to meet your specific goals. This may involve: 
    1. Developing an outline or script

    2. Videotaping in the studio or on locations.

    3. Create digital graphics to illustrate your subject matter.

    4. Editing the media.

    5. Duplication of your final project to a format you require.

    6. Encoding files for online acquisition.
As the subject matter expert, you will be directly involved in preparing the first draft of the script and organizing the material that will be used for the production.

University Teleplex provides faculty and academic departments video production services to enhance the classroom or online learning experience.  The projects, when used as a instructional or teaching tool, are produced at “no cost” to the faculty or the department.  Copies of the final project are then archived on DVD at University Teleplex, the Digital Repository, and with the academic department.
Departments wishing to “promote” their department or programs with their colleges receive support from University Teleplex at “out-of-pocket” expenses only.  This may include travel or travel related items, per diems, resource expenses such as DVD’s, DVD and videotape duplications, and other media related expenses.  For more information, please contact University Teleplex.

Production Services Request Form

Contact Bill Bryant or Terry Brumley