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Manage My Subscriptions

At the Communications Center, you can manage the e-mail and RSS feeds you receive. This requires action from you.

If you get an unsolicited e-mail you don’t want, don’t flag it as spam—manage your subscriptions by simply clicking on the footer at the bottom of the message. Users may not unsubscribe from e-mails considered to be business critical such as those from the bursar, registrar, key communications from the president, and the twice-weekly Ball State Digest.

Why You Shouldn't Flag Our E-mail as Spam

Ball State faces a continuing struggle of having its e-mail servers blacklisted by certain external providers. This happens when student, faculty, and staff users who have forwarded their Ball State e-mail to an external provider mark Ball State-related e-mails as spam. When our servers are blacklisted, it prevents Ball State from relaying important electronic messages to all users who forward their Ball State e-mail address to the provider in question.

It is important to remember that your Ball State e-mail address has been provided to you foremost as a method to receive communications from and about Ball State. These types of e-mail should take precedence over e-mails sent to and from your Ball State account that are of a personal nature.

The university has made a significant investment in the Communications Center, a service that provides student, faculty, and staff users with the ability to better control the information coming from the university that personally affects you. For your convenience, you can limit and personalize the messages you receive by going to the Communications Center and clicking on "Manage my subscriptions."

When you do not manage your subscriptions and then flag university e-mails as spam, you are limiting your own official communication with the university. At the same time, you are limiting official communication between the university and anyone else at Ball State who uses the same e-mail provider. Your actions regarding use of technology here at Ball State affects others beside just you.
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