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e-mail or e-mail address Hyphenate in communications that use Chicago style. On web pages, an e-mail contact for an individual should link to his or her profile page. This is a spam-prevention measure.

Early Start A freshman initiative program to allow students to get a jumpstart on college the
summer before their first semester. The one- to three-week courses cover a variety of topics such as mathematics, television production, and the science of natural hazards.

east central Indiana Regional area loosely defined as containing Delaware, Grant, Blackford, Jay, Randolph, Wayne, Henry, and Madison counties.

ellipses (…) Use to indicate the deletion of words in condensing quotes, texts, and documents. Be careful not to distort the meaning of a quote by removing necessary words. Use a space before and after the ellipses.

Emerging Media Journalism program Capitalize on first reference, lowercase on second and subsequent references. Always lowercase program.

emeritus Title of honor given to some retired administrators and faculty, approved by the Board of Trustees. Capitalize when used before a name. Other terms are emerita (singular, female) and emeriti (plural) Ex.: Ball State President Emeritus John Worthen.

emphasis If emphasis is necessary in text, use boldface on only a few words. More than that nullifies the emphasis.

endowed chair Faculty member whose position was created by external gifts or grants.

Equal Employment Opportunity Use the Equal Employment Opportunity statement wording in all publications. Ex.: Ball State University practices equal opportunity in education and employment and is strongly and actively committed to diversity within its community.

events Describe by time, date, and place, in that order. Ex.: The group will meet at 7 p.m. May 25 in the Student Center.

exams Not necessary to say examinations. Also, finals when appropriate.

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