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Race, ethnicity At Ball State, we are committed to diversity. As part of that commitment, we must be sensitive to how we describe race and ethnicity and when it is appropriate to mention it. Do not mention a source's race or ethnicity unless it is relevant to the story. If it is relevant, ask the source how he or she prefers to be identified. If a source's race or ethnicity must be mentioned and it is not possible to ask the source, use the following preferred terms:

  • African-American. Exception: Use black if the source requests the term or if black is part of a proper name of an organization or event. Ex.: Black History Month, Black Student Association.
  • Asian. If possible, identify by country of origin or ancestry. Ex.: He is Chinese-American. She is Korean.
  • Native American If possible, use the person's tribal affiliation. Ex.: He is Cherokee. Use American Indian only if part of a proper name. Ex: the American Indian Movement.
  • Latino, Latina refers to people with ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Latin American countries. Latina is the feminine form. For plural references that include both genders, use Latino. Latino is acceptable for people of Brazilian origin. Hispanic refers only to people with origins in Spanish-speaking countries. When possible when dealing with someone of Latin American descent, identify the person’s country of origin or ethnic background. Ex.: She is Mexican-American. He is Colombian.

radio stations Ball State is affiliated with two radio stations:

  • Indiana Public Radio – Also known as IPR, this is the local National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate. IPR is a five station network, WBST 92.1 FM (Muncie), WBSB 89.5 FM (Anderson), WBSW 90.1 FM (Marion), WBSJ 91.7 FM (Portland), and WBSH 91.1 FM (Hagerstown-New Castle).
  • WCRD (91.3 FM) – Student-run station.

ranking Follow style for numerals. Ex.: The program is ranked fourth in the nation, improving from 11th place last year. See: numerals.

registrar The full name is Office of Registration and Academic Progress, but for all references, registrar is acceptable. Office where students can register for classes, check grades, view their transcripts, and seek other information about their scholastic status.

residence halls Use residence hall – not dorm.

Residence Hall Association On second reference and in headlines, RHA is acceptable.

resident assistant On second reference and in headlines, RA is acceptable. Plural is RAs.

room numbers List in this format: Bracken Library, room 261.

ROTC Acceptable abbreviation for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps on all references. On first reference, use whichever military branch is appropriate. Ex: Army ROTC, Naval ROTC, Air Force ROTC.

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