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Taftali Center for Capital Markets and Investing, A. Umit Taftali Center acceptable on second reference. Opened in 2010, the center simulates a real-world financial environment. It’s in the Whitinger Business Building.

Tally Short for Student Center Tally Food Court, often called the Tally. Note it is spelled without an E.

telephone numbers Do not use parentheses. Ex.: 765-285-1560.

television station Ball State is affiliated with WIPB-TV 49, Muncie, a PBS station.

tenure track Faculty members on the tenure track serve a seven-year trial period. Provost and their college’s dean nominate them for tenure, which means they keep their jobs as long as they continue to meet university teaching standards. Tenure status must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Members of the tenure-track faculty usually are expected to be active in their fields through research or publication. See contract.

Thanksgiving break

theatre, theater Use theatre for most university vehicles except for news releases. With news releases, use AP Style, which is theater on general references unless theatre is part of a proper name.

thesis Plural form is theses.

time, date, place Describe an event in this order. Ex.: The group will meet at 5 p.m. March 5 in the Atrium.

time elements Use a.m. or p.m. Use midnight or noon rather than 12 a.m. or 12 p.m. Muncie is in Eastern time. If a time zone is required, use Eastern time or Eastern rather than EST or EDT.

titles In general, a title is lowercase after a name and capitalized before a name. Ex.: President Paul W. Ferguson; Paul W. Ferguson, president of Ball State University If a title is more than a few words long, try to place it after the name. Capitalize titles, but not job descriptions. Ex.: President Paul W. Ferguson; officer Kent Kurtz See also: academic titles and courtesy titles.

Tobacco-Free Policy Effective Aug. 1, 2013, the policy bars the use of tobacco in all campus buildings and grounds, with the exception of personal vehicles with window rolled up and tailgating at home football games. It replaces the Smoke-Free Policy.

Training and Development (T&D) Changed name in July 2010; see Learning and Development (L&D).

tuition, fees See fees, tuition.

TTY preferred style for phone number for those who are hearing impaired.

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