Common Cents

Getting a grip on finances is important to overall health and wellness. Countless studies have shown a link between stress and finances. By using active and “centsable” financial management strategies, you can realize a greater sense of empowerment, enthusiasm and satisfaction with life. You can also avoid some of the physical and emotional tolls taken by chronic stress.

Join the Common Cents Challenge!  

It is a new wellness challenge that will help you make financial wellbeing a priority.  Common Cents challenges participants to avoid unnecessary expenses on a daily basis when making buying decisions and to begin developing a personal financial plan. 

You will record your daily saving activities and weekly completion of your worksheets on the Common Cents Ledger. Your goal is to score 3,000 points in the four weeks of the challenge. You will keep each of your worksheets to form your Personal Financial Plan.  Along the way, we will offer tips and tools to help you make smart and simple choices in regards to your finances. 

This 4 week challenge begins January 29th. Contact Working Well, 285-9355, to register for Common Cents and make your financial wellbeing a priority!

Sharpen Your Colored Pencils

Do you remember the fun of coloring as a child?  It turns out that coloring is still fun as an adult — and it can be a great stress relieving activity!   Coloring mandalas has specifically been found to help people enter into a meditative-like state and may help lower anxiety levels.  Mandalas are intricate geometric patterns that are often quite detailed.   Ball State’s own Jeff Brackett, PhD, professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, is partnering with Working Well to make a few of his mandala drawings available to employees for our upcoming wellness program. 

Starting in February, Working Well will introduce Stress Busters, a series of resources for Wellness Ambassadors to share that focus on stress management.  Stress Busters will introduce employees to a variety of techniques that can help calm the mind and sooth the body.  An individual and community coloring activity will kick off the series! 

Interested in joining our Coloring Contest?  Wellness Ambassadors will receive a free mandala drawing, drawn by Dr. Jeff Brackett, to share with interested employees.   At the end of the month, Working Well will display colored mandalas that are submitted for a fun Coloring Contest!  There are no rules when it comes to coloring the mandalas except to let yourself play and have fun. 

Watch for more information from your Wellness Ambassador and Working Well!!

Several studies confirm that gratitude can help alleviate stress and increase happiness so let’s continue this season of giving thanks by focusing on gratitude. 

Working Well invites you to participate in the Gratitude Challenge.   This 21-day challenge is flexible so that you can start it anytime. 

Complete the 21-day challenge and see how gratitude can positively impact your life. Each week for three weeks you will have options to choose from (or you can create your own!) to express your gratitude.

Start anytime between Thanksgiving week November 20 and January 10

All you have to do is:

1. Email with "Challenge Accepted!" to receive your Gratitude Challenge Kit.

2. Experience the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge on your own schedule anytime between November 20 and January 31

3. Share your thoughts about the challenge with Working Well after you have completed it.