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Population Decline in Muncie Is Accelerating: Memo and Study

This study seeks to clarify data and growth projections concerning population in Muncie and Delaware County, Indiana using primary source data. Published Feb. 27, 2018.

Regional Cities Initiative: Preliminary Economic Impacts

In this report, we calculate the preliminary economic impact of the statewide Regional Cities Initiative, designed for sustainable community growth in Indiana's 92 counties.


The 2018 Economic Forecast for the US and Indiana

How will our economy fare in 2018? CBER director and economist Michael J. Hicks gives his perspective in the annual forecast for the US and Indiana. Published December 7, 2017 for the 22nd annual Indiana Economic Outlook sponsored by First Merchants.



Assessing E-Readiness and the Human Development & Technology Index

This study, Assessing Indiana's E-Readiness in the Development of the Digital Society, seeks to bridge the gaps in research on the relationship between broadband accessibility and human development by assessing the e-readiness of Indiana counties.

In the companion piece, Human Development & Technology in US Counties, the authors expand the scope of their previous research using the Human Development & Technology Index (HDTI) to assess geographic trends in the access to and the quality of broadband technology across all US counties. This work includes considerations for policy makers.



The Economic Impact of Ball State University: A Brief Review

Drawing students and faculty from around the globe, Ball State University exerts a significant economic effect on Delaware County and the surrounding region. This brief review outlines that economic impact as measured in population, earnings, and total economic activity. Published October 2, 2017.

Comments on Tax Increment Financing

Prepared materials for September 25th testimony to the Interim Study Committee on Fiscal Policy (Indiana General Assembly). Published September 25, 2017.

Hurricane Harvey: Preliminary Estimates of Commercial and Public Sector Damages on the Houston Metropolitan Area

This research bulletin uses a model developed under contract with the Army Corps of Engineers to estimate total damages (including both insured and uninsured damages and public and private damages) to the Houston area due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Presented September 8, 2017. 

School Corporation Size & Student Performance: Evidence from Indiana

In this study, the authors address the question of whether or not the size of a school corporation affects the educational performance of its students.

This study was prepared for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Published August 15, 2017.

How Vulnerable Are American Communities to Automation, Trade, & Urbanization?

This study highlights divergence in regional economic performance and the impact on households and communities, which necessitates an urgent call to research and policy analysis. The executive summary provides an overview of key points, and the appendix shows larger regional maps of county-level data for all 50 states. Published June 19, 2017.

Conexus Indiana 2017 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card

The annual Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card evaluates the health manufacturing and logistics industries in each state and additional factors ranging from human capital to expected fiscal liability. 

This annual piece is created for Conexus Indiana, a state initiative to improve manufacturing and logistics. Published June 9, 2017.

Footloose Jobs & Urbanization

This policy brief outlines the recent history of footloose and non-footloose jobs in Indiana, including changes in rural and urban employment. We also examine economic development policy and suggest future models for consideration. Published March 28, 2017.

A Brief Review of School Financing, Performance, & Enrollment in Delaware Co., IN

This document includes a memorandum explaining the intent of the report, and a study addressing local school enrollment and performance in Delaware County, Indiana with considerations for the state as a whole. Published March 16, 2017.

The Relationship Between Educational Attainment & Wages

The goal of this information brief is to clarify the relationship between eduational attainment and wages. We find there is a significant gap in earned income when comparing those workers who have an advanced education (a bachelor's degree or higher) and those who do not. Published March 8, 2017.

Indiana Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Index

In this study, we build a Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Index to give businesses, non-profits, and local government leaders the data needed to assess wellness within counties in Indiana. This index reduces the costs of a community self-assessment, and, when combined with other information, may help community leaders better explain how investments in wellness matter to the future prosperity of their cities and towns.

This study was prepared for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Chamber Foundation, and the Wellness Council of Indiana. Published Dec. 8, 2016.

TRENDING: The Myth and the Reality of Manufacturing in America

This study for Conexus Indiana examines the composition of the industry before and after the Great Recession. We debunk common misconceptions about MFG, and we estimate the industry's future health. 

Published June 11, 2015.


CBER Projects & Publications Library: Visit projects.cberdata.org to browse our archive of CBER reports ranging from this year through 2008 and a project search by keyword.