We’ll challenge you to use evidence-based thinking and take creative risks to realize solutions for industry partners and Indiana communities. Our focus on real-world learning, professional connections, and relevant instruction outfits you with the networks and expertise to gain a competitive edge.

The Entrepreneurial Experience

student with professor

Collaboration and Creativity

Sitting back and letting the group do your work isn’t an option. Faculty (not graduate assistants or other graduate students) teach every class in the major, and they demand you participate. The projects you execute are only as good as the effort and thought you put into them.

students at table

Small Class Sizes

Our intimate classes—from 10-20 students—give you the one-on-one attention you need to prepare for success. We learn your name, and we know your projects. That level of attention continues long after you graduate because we stay connected and support alumni and friends.

student with professor

Technology-Rich, Leading Space

Most of your major classes will take place in our dedicated student classroom, the Entrepreneurship Design Lab. This creative space has been designed top-to-bottom to offer our students a designated haven of learning and inspiration.

Personalized Attention, Industry-Driven Coursework

Through small classes built on hard work, collaboration, and creativity, you’ll learn in our technology-rich TriPhase Tech Lab, reserved for our majors. Faculty (not graduate assistants or other graduate students) teach every class in the major, and bonds formed in the classroom last long after graduation.

Create and Present a Viable Business Plan

The center’s signature learning experience culminates in E-Day, short for Evaluation day, when senior entrepreneurship majors present business plans to a panel of alumni and business leaders.

Just as entrepreneurs put everything on the line, so do these students—who pass or fail the class based on whether the executives accept their proposal. Learn more.