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Family and Friends of Traveling Students

Mom… Dad… I want to study abroad.

What would you say if your son or daughter wanted to study abroad?

Saying, "yes" to study abroad may be the most important decision you ever make in your student's academic career. The opportunity to study a foreign culture from an insider's perspective may be a once-in-a lifetime experience. Why not take advantage of it now?

Here at the Center for International Programs we want to show you what a rewarding experience study abroad can be for your student. We're here to help you and your student take this exciting step into the world of international study.

Each year, more than 400 Ball State students participate in study abroad programs across the globe. Some programs last for an academic year, while others are a semester, a summer, or just a few weeks.

College is an exciting time, and studying abroad is a vital part of that experience. Don't let common misconceptions keep your student from making the most of his or her college years. Before you say "no," read the facts about our study abroad programs.

Where are you sending my student?

Imagine studying architecture in Rome, marine biology in Australia, or tagging Butterflies in Belize. At the Center for International Programs, we send Ball State students to over 40 different countries. New programs are being added every year.

But college is a time to study, not a vacation.

At the Center for International Programs, we place the emphasis on study as well as abroad. Your student will have the opportunity to choose from programs or courses in almost any discipline. Students will have the chance to take exciting classes that may not be available at Ball State. While studying abroad, learning doesn't stop in the classroom. Your child will have the chance to explore a different world and experience a culture unlike any at home.

My student doesn't speak another language

International study isn't just for foreign language majors. In addition to study sites in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, students may also choose programs in countries where English is not the official language. Many of Ball State's programs are led by faculty members who are familiar with the host country and can offer valuable guidance for your student. All of our students also attend a pre-departure orientation program to help ease the transition into a new culture.

How much is this going to cost our family?

Many students do not consider study abroad opportunities because they are concerned about the finances. In reality, international study doesn't cost much more than studying at Ball State. Scholarships, grants, and student loans will apply to our study abroad programs. We even have special BSU scholarships for overseas study. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at (765) 285-5600 for more information.

Focus on the future

Let's face it the world is getting smaller. First-hand knowledge of another culture and foreign language ability will help put your student in demand in today's competitive job market. Most importantly, the experience of studying abroad will give students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world in which we live.

Say "Yes" to Study Abroad!