The Center for Professional Selling is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the field of professional selling—through research and service to the business community and by producing college graduates who are highly prepared for successful sales careers. The center’s sales curriculum includes courses in sales and sales management and related marketing electives. In fall 2010, the center began providing the opportunity for students to excel with the major in sales. The program focuses on professional selling, sales technology, and sales management. 

Like other areas of the Miller College of Business, the Center for Professional Selling blends pertinent classroom teaching with valuable immersive learning that gives you the opportunity to practice your skills. Experience-based course work includes selling advertising space in the local business community, role playing in a video lab setting, managing contacts and territories using customer relationship management (CRM) software, and sales management. 

You will also benefit from the career connections you make through the annual Sales Career Fair, the largest of its kind, typically attended by more than 70 companies and 250 students. 

In October of each year, the Ball State Sales Team competes in mock head-to-head and development role plays with up to 11 other universities. Each student competitor has 20 minutes to sell a product or service to a buyer, who is a member from industry. Recruiters, sales managers, human resource managers, and other sales leaders participate by judging the mock role plays live. The 2016 Ball State Regional Sales Competition will be Friday, October 7, 2016. Find out more about our Sales Competitions.