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Director: Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Hull

Associate Director of Online Tutoring: Liz Whiteacre

Assistant Director: Kat Greene

Assistant Director: Elisabeth Buck


Abigail BarkerAbigail is a PhD student studying Rhetoric and Composition. She enjoys helping writers shape and mold their texts into something brilliant. She looks forward to seeing you in the Writing Center.




Armory OrchardAmory studies English with a concentration in rhetoric and writing. She is also a creative writing minor and has a background studying digital media design. Her favorite stage of the writing process is brainstorming, as she loves helping others develop their ideas and find their unique voice. She looks forward to working with you.



Andrew WurdemanAndrew is an MA student in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing. He especially enjoys organizing analytical papers and working with creative pieces. He's excited to begin his semester at the Writing Center.



Aymen Aymen is a PhD student in Literature in the English department at Ball State University and a graduate assistant working in the writing center. He completed his BA and MA at Baghdad University. He has teaching experience of around 9 years, both at home and abroad. He likes the campus and Muncie a lot.


BethanyBethany is a first year Master's student in the General English program, with a BA in Visual/Web Design. Currently, she is focusing her studies on writing and linguistics. She enjoys working on all types of writing, including: creative writing, argumentative essays, resumes, articles, reading/writing responses, reflective essays, memoirs, and brainstorming on pieces. Although she loves working on grammar, spelling, and formatting rules, she especially likes improving content and the flow of the overall piece.

BilliBilli is a MA student studying Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry, specifically autobiographical poetry. She is interested in creative non-fiction and flash fiction, as well. Her favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming, but she is particularly experienced in editing and revision.



CourtneyCourtney is an MA student studying Creative Writing. She enjoys helping people with research, literary analysis, thesis statements, and organizing thoughts. She's excited to work with you.




Elisabeth B.Elisabeth is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition and is working on a dissertation about writing center publications. Elisabeth currently teaches ENG 213 (Introduction to Digital Literacies) but has also taught multiple sections of ENG 103 and 104. She would love to help out with your multimodal/digital projects, as well as larger works like theses and dissertations.



Emilie Schiess Emilie S. is studying English and ESL (English as a Second Language) Education. She plans to teach abroad and learn new languages during her travels. She enjoys helping others brainstorm ideas, annotate research, and organize arguments. She is also glad to help analyze and critique literature, review creative writing, and create multimodal projects.  



Emily Oesterling Emily O. is studying Secondary English Education and minoring in Spanish. She enjoys creative writing as well as research, literary analysis, and critical papers. Emily is comfortable organizing thoughts and conducting beneficial research.




Gabbi BoydGabbi is a Theatre major with minors in creative writing and digital media. She is also a student in the Honors College who is practiced in “the Method.” She especially loves helping students use rhetoric and logic to craft specific and meaningful arguments.




GeorgeGeorge is an MA student in Creative Writing with an undergrad degree in Philosophy and Classics. He loves to help people feel confident about their writing through the editing process. George especially likes helping with creative projects, research papers, and speeches.



Hannah Fulton Hannah is a Secondary English Education major. She enjoys helping people craft research into material that will be useful for papers. Hannah also loves to brainstorm with people on thesis ideas, word choices, and directions for papers. Another thing that Hannah is interested in is helping non-native speakers of English with their writing.



Jameshia Wynn Jameshia is a Organizational Communication major with a minor in Sociology. She loves helping others organize and strengthen their writing skills. Jameshia likes helping others understand that writing is important, and it starts with perfecting your own.




JeremiahJeremiah (you can call him J) is a Master's student in Creative Writing. He received his bachelor's degree in English from Ohio State University and is interested in literature studies, film studies, comic studies, and (mostly) creative writing. He's willing to help with anything from brainstorming to in-depth analysis.



Jessica B.Jessica is a post-baccalaureate student seeking a license for English Education and ESL. She has an undergraduate degree in English Literature with minors in Linguistics and Japanese, and she loves working on formal essays, research papers, and creative projects. She’s especially interested in helping students develop techniques to help them on their future projects.



JoelJoel is currently getting his Masters in Rhetoric and Composition. He is interested in visual and digital rhetorics. His best skill when working with students is in the brainstorming and editing processes, as he comes from an edit-heavy course load within the Editing, Writing, and Media major from Florida State, where he also held a position as staff editor for a local magazine. He also majored in Interdisciplinary Humanities, with focuses on Religion, American Studies, and Philosophy, so he is experienced and happy to help in a number of research areas.


Kat GreeneKat is a PhD student studying Rhetoric and Composition with an interest in creative non-fiction. She is currently teaching ENG 104 and is familiar with MLA and APA style. She looks forward to helping you with your academic and creative writing.  




Kathryn H.Kathyrn is an English major with a concentration in literature, with minors in leadership studies and professional writing and emerging media. She has a fair amount of experience with MLA format but has also dabbled in APA a bit in the past. She loves helping others with brainstorming ways to expand on arguments in academic works or on story-lines in creative works.  



Madison NethertonMadison is an English Education major. She is outgoing and loves to help students succeed in their writing endeavors. Madison especially loves to analyze poetry and help students realize the uses of language not just in school papers, but in the real world as well.



MattMatt is an MA student in English Literature and enjoys studying Contemporary American Literature and Speculative Fiction. He loves helping students early in the writing process to brainstorm, put together an outline, and come up with creative solutions for projects.




MeaganMeagan is a Master's student studying Creative Writing. She has an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. Meagan enjoys helping students at all stages of the writing process, whether it's doing some brainstorming, assisting with research, working on the organization of an argument, or doing the final read-through of a writing project. She welcomes both academic and creative work.



Natalie K.Natalie is majoring in Deaf Education. Her dream is to teach reading and writing to students who communicate primarily through American Sign Language. Familiar with the Honors program and both APA and MLA citations, she especially enjoys helping others with organization and research.



Rachel M.Rachel is a Master's student pursuing her degree in Literature. She is also interested in rhetoric and composition studies. She enjoys creative projects, research, literary analysis, and learning more about individuals so she can help them figure out how to make full use of their unique writing process. Rachel wants everyone she helps to walk away feeling confident about their project and their ability to write.



Ramona SimmonsRamona is a Criminal Justice and Psychology double-major with a minor in Spanish. She has the greatest experience with APA-style formatting as well as creative writing projects, with a special interest in poetry. She loves helping others with developing ideas for both creative pieces as well as research ideas and seeking out research information and different types of sources.



RobertRobert is a graduate student working on an MA in Creative Writing. He did his undergraduate here at Ball State where he majored in Creative Writing but also studied History and German. He loves talking about and analyzing creative writing of all types (particularly poetry and fiction), as well as other types of writing. He is an avid music listener.



ZacharyZachary is an MA student in Creative Writing. He has a BFA in creative writing, with a minor in French. He enjoys working with many genres of writing, including fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

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