Randall Bernot

Associate Professor

CP 189B  Phone: 765-285-8844  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

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University of Pittsburgh, B.S.,1994
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, M.S.,1999
Kansas State University, PhD, 2003

Research Interests

  • community ecology
  • ecotoxicology
  • disease ecology


  • parasite impacts on ecosystems
  • ecotoxicology of man-made chemicals on aquatic organisms, communities, and ecosystems
  • chemical cue effects on animals
  • invertebrate diversity

Recent Publications

Bernot, R.J., W.K. Dodds, M.C. Quist, and C.S. Guy. 2006. Temperature and kairomone induced life history plasticity in coexisting Daphnia. Aquatic Ecology 40: 361-372.

Couling, D., R. Bernot, K. Docherty, J. Dixon, and E. Maginn. 2006. Assessing the factors responsible for ionic liquid toxicity to aquatic organisms via quantitative structure-property relationship modeling. Green Chemistry 8: 82-90.

Bernot, R.J., E. Kennedy, and G.A. Lamberti. 2005. Effects of ionic liquids on the survival, movement, and feeding behavior of the freshwater snail, Physa acuta. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24: 1759-1765.

Bernot, R.J., M.A. Brueseke, M.A. Evans-White, and G.A. Lamberti. 2005. Acute and chronic toxicity of imidazolium-based ionic liquids on Daphnia magna. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24: 87-92.

Bernot, R.J., W.K. Dodds, M.C. Quist, and C.S. Guy. 2004. Spatial and temporal variability of zooplankton in a Great Plains reservoir. Hydrobiologia 525: 101-112.

Bernot, R.J., W.K. Dodds, M.C. Quist, and C.S. Guy. 2004. Larval fish-induced phenotypic plasticity of coexisting Daphnia: an enclosure experiment. Freshwater Biology 49: 87-97.

Quist, M.C., C.S. Guy, R.J. Bernot, and J.L. Stephen. 2004. Factors related to growth and survival of larval walleyes: implications for recruitment in a southern Great Plains reservoir. Fisheries Research 67: 215-225.

Bernot, R.J. 2003. Trematode infection alters the antipredator behavior of a pulmonate snail. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 22: 241-248.

Bernot, R.J., and K. Whittinghill. 2003. Population differences in effects of fish on Physa integra refuge use. American Midland Naturalist 150: 51-57.

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