James Olesen

Assistant Professor

CL 229d  Phone: 765-285-3510  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

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Bowling Green State University, Ph.D. ,1994
The Ohio State University, M.S. ,1987
Bowling Green State University, B.S. ,1983

Research Interests
Molecular and cell biology

  • the effects of ectopic expression of genes on cell populations
  • retroviral gene transfer
  • mechanisms of cell cycle progression
  • mechanisms of apoptosis
  • mechanisms of cancer progression
  • chromosome/chromatin structure
  • electron microscopy

Recent Publications

Bombuwala, K., Kinstle, t., Popik, V., Uppal, S., Olesen, J.B., Vina, J. and Heckman, C.A. (2006). Colchitaxel, A Coupled Compound Made from Microtubule Inhibitors Colchcine and Paclitaxel. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2:13-22.

Olesen, J.B. and Gough, E. (2006). Optimization of Transfection Conditions for the Human HL-60 Promyelocytic Leukemic T-Cell Line Using FuGene HD Transfection Reagent. Biochemica, 3:24-25.
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