Kevin Wyatt

Assistant Professor

CL 223e  Phone: 765-285-8836  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

Michigan State University Ph.D. (2010)

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Research Interests:


  • algal ecology
  • microbial ecology
  • carbon cycling
  • aquatic ecology
  • ecosystem ecology


  • effects of natural and human factors on algal community structure and function in aquatic ecosystems
  • how bacteria and algae interact to affect biogeochemical processes in aquatic ecosystems
  • mechanisms controlling the release of dissolved organic matter from algae and aquatic plants
  • using algae as indicators of ecosystem health
  • effects of climate change on foodweb structure in wetlands

Recent Publications:

Linton DL, WM Pangle, KH Wyatt, KN Powell, and RE Sherwood. In review. Identifying key features of active learning: the effects of writing and peer discussion. CBE-Life Sciences Education

Rober AR, KH Wyatt, RJ Stevenson, and MR Turetsky. 2014. Spatial and temporal variability of algal community dynamics and productivity in lateral floodplain wetlands along the Tanana River, Alaska.  Freshwater Science 33 (3): DOI: 10.1086/676939. 

Wyatt KH, AR Rober, N Schmidt, and IR Davison. 2014. Effects of desiccation and rewetting on the release and decomposition of dissolved organic carbon from benthic macroalgae. Freshwater Biology 59: 407-416.

Wyatt KH, E Tellez, RL Woodke, RJ Bidner, and IR Davison. 2014. Effects of nutrient limitation on the release and use of dissolved organic carbon from benthic algae in Lake Michigan. Freshwater Science, 33 (2): DOI: 10.1086/675453.

Rober AR, KH Wyatt, MR Turetsky, and RJ Stevenson. 2013. Algal community responses to experimental and interannual variation in hydrology in an Alaskan boreal fen. Freshwater Science 32:1-11.

Wyatt KH , MR Turetsky, AR Rober, ES Kane, D Giroldo, and RJ Stevenson. 2012. Contributions of algae to GPP and DOC production in an Alaskan fen: effects of historical water table manipulations on ecosystem responses to a natural flood. Oecologia 169:821-832.

Rober AR, KH Wyatt, and RJ Stevenson. 2011. Regulation of algal structure and function by nutrients and grazing in a boreal wetland. Journal of the North American Bentholoical Society 30: 787-796.

Wyatt KH , RJ Stevenson, and MR Turetsky. 2010. The importance of nutrient co-limitation in regulating algal community composition, productivity, and algal-derived DOC in an oligotrophic marsh in interior Alaska. Freshwater Biology 55: 1845-1860.

Wyatt KH and RJ Stevenson. 2010. Effects of acidification and alkalization on a periphytic algal community in an Alaskan wetland. Wetlands 30: 1193-1202.

Wyatt KH , AR Rober, and P de Tezanos Pinto. 2010. Using a cascading food web case study to assess the ecological and economic impacts of management decisions. EcoEd Digital Library,

Kasischke ES, LL Bourgeau-Chavez, AR Rober, KH Wyatt, JM Waddington, and MR Turetsky. 2009. Effects of soil moisture and water depth on ERS SAR backscatter measurements from an Alaskan wetland complex. Remote Sensing of Environment 113: 1868-1873.

Wyatt KH , FR Hauer, and GF Pessoney. 2008. Benthic algal response to hyporheic-surface water exchange in an alluvial river. Hydrobiologia 607: 151-161.