As a student of biomechanics, you’ll spend valuable time in the classroom honing your knowledge of biomechanics; but a significant amount of your learning will take place in the biomechanics lab. Here, you’ll put your knowledge in action and build experience as well as strong relationships with faculty and area professionals. The biomechanics lab is packed with advanced biomechanics tools to study various aspects of mechanical and neuromuscular aspects of human movement. Find the biomechanics lab on the third floor of the Health and Physical Activity Building.


Services provided in the biomechanics lab include clinical gait analysis, through which you’ll evaluate a client’s walking pattern through sophisticated 3-D motion-capture technology. Additional services include one of the country’s few split belt force-instrumented treadmills for studying motion, along with 3-D analysis of everything from the volleyball spike to the baseball pitch to the golf swing or tennis serve.

The lab is outfitted with the latest hardware and software resources. These instruments fuel collaborations with top-notch physicians and clinicians that provide you real-world experiences and inspire lasting professional bonds. Our community partnerships include collaborations with orthopedic surgeons from Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent in Indianapolis.