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  • Undergraduate Environmental Design
  • Undergraduate Landscape Architecture
  • Undergraduate Urban Planning

First-Year Program

Apply to Ball State As an entry-level student seeking a bachelor’s degree in the College of Architecture and Planning, you’ll follow a common course of study in the company of all of the other first-year students in the college. In the First-Year Program, you’ll build a broad and solid foundation in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning—regardless of which of the three directions you’re planning as a major.

Studying this way underscores the point that environmental planning and design are interconnected with all other disciplines. And it helps all students understand how societal need relates to environmental context.

Entry Tracks

The manner in which you’ll take these first-year courses depends on a number of factors. We offer three studio tracks—fall, spring, and accelerated—through which you may proceed in the First-Year Program. 

What’s Your Major?
The First-Year Program is designed to give you the basics you’ll need, regardless of the direction you choose for your remaining studies. But it’s also intended to help you choose your major.

Program Faculty
In the First-Year Program, you won’t be signed up for a major in the College of Architecture and Planning, but you’ll have the opportunity to study with architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning faculty members in studio and lecture courses. From the start, you can connect with teachers with a wide range of professional education and experience, areas of expertise, and divergent philosophies and points of view. Meet the CAP faculty.

The Right Equipment
Got a computer? Feel free to bring it as you embark on the First-Year Program. If you don’t have one, consider waiting to buy one until you know what the computer requirements are going to be for the major you select.