College of Architecture and Planning

Centers, Research, and Outreach

The students and faculty of the College of Architecture and Planning are no strangers to people in small towns and urban centers across Indiana and elsewhere. Our well-known outreach efforts apply creative planning, design, and research to solve community problems and enhance residents’ quality of life.

What kinds of issues do we address? Through hundreds of projects over the years, outreach teams have tackled affordable housing, urban and suburban growth planning, economic revitalization, transportation, land use challenges, historic preservation, and energy efficiency. They conduct research, offer technical assistance, and stage charrettes—intense, on-location community design workshops that build innovative plans with local input.

Exporting Knowledge, Importing Learning
Our outreach, applied research, and research intiatives are win-win situations, providing low-cost or no-cost expertise to communities while offering students excellent opportunities for real-world experience. Our resources include the following:

Other Areas of Research

  • CAP Faculty Publications relating to a variety of topics are available in the Architecture and University Libraries.
  • Charter School Patterns of Innovation is a research initiative developing “design patterns” to facilitate charter schools when planning, renovating, and/or designing their educational environment.