Five decades of Ball State students, armed with sketchbooks and curiosity, have shared this tradition of collaboration and discovery. This enriching journey—known as ARKITREK—will expose you to new approaches, processes, and cultures. Each semester, students return with experiences they will not soon forget.

Trips are voluntary, but a course grade may be lowered if students do not go on a field trip or do not complete an adequate make-up assignment.

US Trips

Our student teams have traveled to inspiring sites and cities throughout the United States. To embark on a trip in our country, please review the following information:


  • Emergency Information
  • Conduct & Statement of Responsibility
  • Liability Release Agreement


Estimating the cost of a field trip is difficult because the number of students participating and sharing the cost of the trip vary from semester to semester.

Field trip expenses typically covered are:

  • airfare
  • lodging
  • area transportation
  • tour-entrance fees

Field trip expenses typically do not cover meals.


Students will need to take a Field Trip Bursar Deposit form to the Bursar's Office (Lucina Hall B31) along with payment.


CAP offers a scholarship to help you cover the expenses of a field trip. To learn more, contact the dean’s office.

Our student teams have traveled to exciting locations all over the world. To embark on a trip outside our boarders, please review the following information:



International field trip and study expenses required for international travel:

  • passport
  • visa (for Russia only)
  • International Student ID Card
  • HTH Worldwide Insurance

For information on the International Student ID Card and the HTH Worldwide Insurance, please contact the assistant director of study abroad in the Rinker Center for International Programs.


You will need to take a Permission to Enroll form to the Bursar's Office (Lucina Hall B31) along with payment.

Do not pay on line via eBill or the payment may be applied to your general bursar account and not to the field trip account.

A signed Bursar Deposit is a binding agreement on the part of the student to participate and pay said costs of the field trip.

Field trip costs are estimated based on the number of students agreeing to participate, and they pay an equal share of the total trip expenses.


M.E Rinker, Sr. Scholarship for Study Abroad Scholarship

CAP Travel Award