College of Architecture and Planning

Departments and Programs

The College of Architecture and Planning splits the study of the art and science of environmental design and planning into three distinct departments:

Department of Architecture

Bachelor's Degrees

Master's Degrees

Department of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor's Degree 

Master's Degree

Department of Urban Planning

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degrees

Interdisciplinary Programs

Historic Preservation

Real Estate Development

Urban Design

These departments share many common threads but cover separate disciplines of environmental design and planning—and in some cases incorporate additional directions.

Each department and program stands out individually as a regional and national model for education and practice in its particular field. Yet these programs’ coexistence within the same college fosters daily interdisciplinary collaboration and a sharing of resources that gives students a broad perspective and a diversity of skills. In fact, all freshmen in our college begin their studies with a common First-Year Program that stresses interdisciplinary foundations.