Debuting in September of 2007, the David Letterman Communication and Media Building is a leading-edge facility that connects an impressive three-building communications complex, supporting four outstanding departments—communication studies, journalism, telecommunications, and the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS). It also is the home to IPR/WBST, Indiana's Public Radio station. letterman_building

David Letterman was here to dedicate the cutting-edge facility and its equipment which populates the $1 million production complex.  The building includes two recording studios, two control rooms, two isolation rooms, and fiveediting suites. The same equipment may be found in most of the top production houses and film studios in Hollywood, New York, and London. It also boasts a clean, filtered, generator-protected, uninterrupted power supply for all critical digital systems. We hope you'll contact us for a visit to find out for yourself.