According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, criminal justice careers are some of the fastest growing in America.

Professionals in criminal justice have exciting, fulfilling career choices in the corporate world and public service. Options include professional positions in probation departments, law enforcement agencies, homeland security, private investigative agencies, correctional and rehabilitation institutions, parole offices, and community treatment and service settings. 

bachelor's degree is required for most state and federal positions and is becoming increasingly important for municipal and county positions. Personnel with less than four years of college may still be hired in some municipal and county agencies, but career advancement may be limited.

If law school is in your future, criminal justice is an excellent pre-law program, especially if you have an interest in public law—prosecution, defense, and government legal representation.

Explore the many options for life after Ball State.

You don't need to wait until graduation to look for a job. Alpha Phi Sigma hosts a career fair each spring to put students in touch with professional criminal justice organizations. The Ball State Career Center has a variety of personnel and resources available to help you with career placement.