Thanks to Ball State’s immersive learning experiences, undergraduate research opportunities, and professional internship programs, students have already been up to their elbows in the “real world” before graduation, so their transition to professional life is smooth.

Many begin their careers with entry-level positions at local, state, or federal agencies or in security departments of corporations, businesses, or other organizations. Below is a partial list of some of the career paths criminal justice students can follow after graduation. 

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement officers uphold the laws by serving in city, town, county, and state police departments across the country as well as within federal agencies such as the FBI, ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), Secret Service, and Homeland Security.

Probation Officer
Probation officers are employed in local, state, and federal courts to handle cases of adult or juvenile offenders being brought to the attention of the courts.

Institutional Counselor
These professionals typically work with adult and juvenile correctional institutions as counselors and social service providers to help rehabilitate criminals.

Custodial Supervisors
Custodial supervisors oversee custodial staff in adult or juvenile security institutions and help provide safety and security of the institution's population.

Parole Officer
The responsibility of parole officers is to supervise adult and juvenile offenders released by state or federal agencies.

Community Correctional Worker
Correctional workers provide security for a variety of community agencies ranging from state community correctional centers to volunteer, private agencies such as Youth Service Bureaus.

An investigator is typically employed by the prosecutor's offices or with private companies, such as insurance agencies, to investigate civil/tort claims as well as criminal activities.

Victim/Witness Advocate
Employed in local, state, and federal agencies, these professionals assist victims of crimes and witnesses to crime as they navigate the legal system.

Asset Protection
These professionals are hired by organizations to protect the assets of businesses and corporations from internal and external forces by designing, implementing, and enforcing security procedures.