The student internship program allows you to gain unique on-the-job experiences during your senior year. Internships give you the opportunity to enrich your education by applying knowledge what you have learned in the classroom and enhance your learning opportunities from professionals in agencies at local, state, or national levels. Internships also allow you to make connections within agencies, which may lead to future employment opportunities.

The internship is based upon the federal school-to-work program, which provides you with a semester long (15 credit hours), 40-hour work week in a setting of your choosing. 

Internships are supervised by the employing agency and the university. Spring semester internships are 16 weeks, (15 credit hours) and summer semester internships are 10 weeks, (12 credit hours).  You can find out more about internship opportunities by speaking to your academic advisor or visiting with the CJC Internship Coordinatior.  Each internship is carefully set-up by the CJC Internship Coordinator.  An interview with the agency and being accepted is the necessary steps to confirming the internship process.