Undergraduate Studies in Communication

Dr. Kristen McCauliff's Pop Culture Class Undergraduate students focus on both the theoretical foundations and work toward becoming a skillful communicator. Choose from programs in public, interpersonal, and organizational communication. See details on the different areas of concentration here.

A communication studies minor pairs well with just about any major. Whether you want to complement your current major with organizational, political, or general communication skills, we have the information you need here.

Graduate Studies in Communication

Whether you want a useful foundation for a professional communication career or plan on working toward a doctorate, a master’s degree from the Department of Communication Studies is a great place to start. See details on our graduate program here. You can also check out our current directory of graduate students.

Our Department and Faculty

At Ball State, our communication studies department is part of one of the largest undergraduate communication colleges in the country, the College of Communication, Information, and MediaSee detailed profiles on our communication faculty here.

Apply Now!

To learn more about our undergraduate program, including how to declare it as your major or minor, contact Beth Messner, the primary departmental advisor. Information about applying for admission to Ball State University can be obtained from the Office of Admissions

Contact Glen Stamp for more information on the graduate program. Make sure to check out the the graduate application process as well. 

COMM 210 Proficiency exam

To receive credit by exam for COMM 210, i.e. to test out of the course, you must complete the COMM 210 Proficiency Examination. See the details of this process here, and good luck!