Best known as the speech team, this extracurricular activity will assist you in receiving individual coaching in public speaking and oral interpretation. These skills will help in building your communication skills and increase your knowledge of the liberal arts. All majors are welcome. 

What events do we do?

  • Interpretation events include prose, poetry, dramatic interpretation, program oral interpretation, and duo.
  • Public address events include informative, persuasive, after dinner speaking, and rhetorical criticism.
  • Limited-preparation events include extemporaneous and impromptu speaking.

Tell me more about traveling

  • We travel to about five tournaments a semester.
  • Our state and national tournaments are in the spring.
  • Primarily, we travel in university vehicles.
  • The team pays for lodging, entry fees, and food. 

Are there any rules to compete?

In order to travel, students must:

  • maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • compete in two events
  • coach at least one hour per event per week
  • have events approved by members of the coaching staff

The Ball State Speech Team has won the Indiana state championship for six consecutive years and place nationally each year at the national tournament. 

For more information about the speech team, contact Director of Individual Events Mary Moore