More than 75 percent of Ball State students receive financial aid to defray college expenses. Visit our financial aid area for information about grants, loans, employment, and other options as well as the application process and deadlines.

In addition, there are a variety of scholarships created especially for communication studies students:

  • Recognition of Excellence in Individual EventsSpeech team participants may earn scholarship money in honor of their accomplishments. Winners are picked by the coaches of the individual events team, and scholarship money is applied to tuition or room and board.
  • Heyart Scholarship—Every year, the first student who qualifies two public address events for the national tournament wins a $500 scholarship.  Beth Heyart, the former director of individual events, donated funds for this private scholarship, which aims to promote participation in public address.
  • Alumni Recognition in Debate—Outstanding accomplishments on the Debate Team earn students this scholarship. Winners are chosen by the debate coaches.
  • David W. Shepard Award, Debate Scholarship—This debate scholarship recognizes team members who make the greatest contributions to the team during the season.  The winner is chosen by the debate coaches.  The award is named for a distinguished emeritus faculty member and supporter of the debate team.
  • Donald P. Knott Scholarships—Students must major in communication studies, have at least a 3.0 grade point average, and demonstrate contributions to the department or the university. Applications are available every spring. Previous scholarship recipients must reapply and continue to meet the criteria. A Ball State alumnus, Donald P. Knott established these scholarships in 1993 “in gratitude for the many things I achieved at Ball State, to assist other students in achieving their goals.”
  • Richard G. Nitcavic Diversity Scholarships—Communication studies majors or minors who represent diverse populations or who have shown a commitment to encouraging the acceptance of differences, are eligible for these scholarships. This award was established in 2005 by a dedicated faculty member and former department chair.
  • Richard G. Nitcavic Departmental Involvement Scholarships—These scholarships are for majors and minors actively involved in extracurricular activities within the department. This award was established in 2005 by a dedicated faculty member and former department chair.
  • Study Abroad Scholarships—Details coming soon!
  • Outstanding Junior Award—The junior major with the highest cumulative grade point average earns this award, a modest scholarship applied toward senior-year tuition as well as recognition on a plaque.
  • Outstanding Senior Award—The faculty choose a senior who has made significant contributions to the department. The winner is given a modest cash award and leads graduating majors during commencement ceremonies.

Check with your faculty advisor or Beth Messner to learn about the application process. Recipients are typically announced late in the spring semester.