Assistantships are available for all first and second year doctoral students in the Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling. Historically, students have also been funded for a third year.

Full-time doctoral assistants receive a tuition waiver and a yearly stipend, as well as a remission of the contingent portion of the general fee, remission of the graduate course fee, and an out-of-state fee waiver. Assistants are required to pay dedicated fees.

For the 2016-17 academic year (Fall & Spring Semesters), our doctoral students on assistantships are paid $10,834.

First-year doctoral students are required to take an assistantship, but an exception can be made for one student if necessary. (Only one entering student per year will be allowed this option.) Any doctoral student may choose to decline the assistantship for the second and third year, if desired.

Assistantships are also available for students pursuing a master's degree on the way to a doctorate.

Students in the department engage in four different types of assistantships including:

  • Research with faculty members (usually student's committee chair)
  • Practicum supervision
  • Professional duties in the departmental clinic (intake assessment, interviews, telephone screening, office support, etc.)
  • Teaching undergraduate classes or assistant teaching of pre-practicum master's course

Doctoral students also receive excellent financial support from Ball State to present papers at professional conferences.

About Assistantships: 

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