Graduate English Degrees
Request information to learn more about graduate school and the graduate programs offered in English.

The Department of English offers several programs leading to the master of arts degree:

  • English with a general, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, or literature emphasis
  • linguistics 
  • teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)
  • double major in linguistics and English as a second language (TESOL)

We offer graduate degrees in a wide variety of English studies on both the master’s and the doctoral levels.

Our students frequently prove themselves to be competent scholars long before they earn their degree. Every year, they make dozens of conference presentations, publish numerous articles, chapters, reviews, or pieces of creative writing, and are active in several professional organizations and projects. In addition, a handful of students each year organize and host Practical Criticism Midwest, a conference forum for graduate students to share work in the field of English.

Our graduate students are not just all work, though. There’s a lively spirit of social interaction and camaraderie. Graduate school study fills much of life, but we find ways to make that life extend beyond the library and classroom.

  • Throughout the year, our Graduate Student Advisory Board brings students from all the English areas of study together for some relaxation and tasty potluck dinners.
  • Many of our graduate students are always ready to work off some school-related stress through sports. Over the past few years, the Ezra Pounders have carried our department’s banner in the intramural soccer league, Sunday morning football games are a regular occurrence in the fall and winter, and roller hockey games heat up spring, summer, and fall afternoons.
The MA programs accept applications for Fall admission and Spring admission. The deadlines are July 7 for Fall admission and November 11 for Spring admission. Applications must be completed by January 15 to guarantee consideration for admission and assistantship support.