Graduate Faculty in Literature

Adam R. Beach

ENG 400, Special Topics: Digital Literature Review: “Slavery Now”

Patrick Collier

ENG 422, Author Studies: Virginia Woolf
ENG 422, Author Studies: James Joyce
ENG 444, Senior Seminar: Magazines--Crucibles of the Literary
HONR 390, Colloquium: Film, Narrative, and American Culture

Frank Felsenstein

From Gutenberg to Google: What Future for the Book? (ENG 400; ENG 650; and HONORS 390)
Remembering the Holocaust (ENG 400; HONORS 390; ENG 650)
Constructions of Otherness: English Literature, Ethnic and National Identity, 1660-1830 (HONORS 390; ENG 608)

Molly Ferguson

ENG 490, Literature and Gender: Unreliable Women

Robert D. Habich

HONR 390, Colloquium: Biography
ENG 659, Workshop in Literature: Constructing Literary Histories
ENG 659, Workshop in Literature: Issues in American Literary Biography

Joyce Huff

ENG 365: Nineteenth-Century British Literature: Fast Food, Werewolves, and Other Victorian Obsessions
ENG 400: Freak Shows and Human Zoos: The Politics of the Human Exhibit
ENG 402: Cultural Studies: Fans and Fandom 
ENG 424: Genre Studies: “Murder Will Out” - Or Will It? Mystery and Crime Writing 
ENG 444: Senior Seminar: Hideous Progeny:The Children of the Gothic

Debbie Mix

ENG 400, Special Topics: Digital Literature Review: “Historical Hauntings and Modern Manifestations”

Rai Peterson

ENG 422, Author Studies: Kurt Vonnegut 
ENG 422, Author Studies:  Ernest Hemingway
ENG 444, Senior Seminar: Harry Potter
ENG 444, Senior Seminar: Bookbinding
ENG 494, Queer Literature

Vanessa Rapatz

ENG 363: Renaissance & 17th-Century Literature: Dramatic Women

Contract Faculty in Literature

Matthew Hartman

HONR 390, Colloquium: Utopian Literature
HONR 390, Colloquium: The Greatest Films of All Time

Andrea Powell Wolfe

ENG 206, Reading Literature: Identity and Difference in American Literature
VBC Immersive Learning Course: Down to Earth: Small Farm Issues in a Big Farm World

Note: This list represents the range of interests and pedagogy of the literature faculty but does not guarantee that each class will be offered regularly.