An education that never leaves the classroom is an incomplete one. Experience broadens and deepens what you learn—and can even change your perspective.  

Download our Professional Experience Checklist and make sure that, before you graduate, you've sought out as many of these experiences as possible.

Immersive learning, where you team up with fellow students to find a real-word solution to a real-world problem, is at the heart of a Ball State education.

You can also get experience in many other ways, from overseas study to internships to student organizations.

You can gain professional experience in New York City by participating in the New York Arts Program

You can learn valuable editing, design, and writing skills by working for various publications within Ball State's Unified Media or taking The Broken Plate or the Digital Literature Review immersive learning course. 

If you are pursuing an advanced degree, a graduate assistantship can provide experience in addition to a stipend, tuition waiver, and other perks.

Plus, you can interact with established authors who visit our campus, and every year, we celebrate the work of new authors.

Keep track of what’s happening in our events calendar.