Starting fall 2010, the Department of Technology is proud to offer dual credits for high school students with various technology and engineering course experiences.

A maximum of 6 hours of PLTW credits may be used to cover program requirements in the major in Technology Teacher Education (TTE). Students who complete the Principles of Engineering (POE) course at a certified school, passing with no lower than a B grade and scoring at least 70% on the end-of-course assessment exam may use that high school experience for the 3-hour "design proficiency" category of the TTE program.

A second higher-level PLTW course, following the same program and assessment criteria, or completion of the International Baccalaureate sequence in Design &
Technology with a score of 4.0, may be used to cover the directed elective requirement in the program. PLTW courses that fulfill this second 3-hour requirement include Digital Electronics, Engineering Design & Development, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Aerospace Engineering, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing.