Kirsten Nicholson

Kirsten Nicholson

Professor of Geological Sciences


Room:AR 100

Ph.D. Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France AND University of Auckland, New Zealand. 2000
M.Sc .University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. 1996
B.Sc. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 1991

Current Research:
Fundamentally, all of my research involves geochemistry and/or tectonics. My current research time is divided into three main focus areas. Firstly, I currently have students working on developing geothermal heat flow maps of the SW Pacific region using the LBH database housed at Ball State University. This work consists of compiling drill core data and modelling the geothermal gradient based on downhole temperatures. Secondly, I have been working on a project to characterize drinking water quality in the Sagarmatha National Park (Mt Everest region) Nepal. Our work is evolving to include climate change research, assessing hazard vulnerability and potentially souring potable groundwater for local communities. Finally, I am still actively working on igneous petrology projects, primarily the petrology of ophiolites, in New Zealand, New Caledonia and the USA.

Select Publications: 
Nicholson, K.N., Neumann, K., *Sherman, H., Gruver, J., Dowling, C. and Sharma, S., A quantitative assessment of drinking water sources in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Submitted 2017.

Hall, S., Nicholson, K. and Nishikawa, M., Solid Waste and Water Pollution in the Sagarmatha National Park: Literature Review and a Research Agenda for Conservation“ Submitted 2017.

Mohan, J., Stone, J., Nicholson, K.N., Neumann, K., Dowling, C. and Sharma, S., Lindavia biswashanti, a new Bacillariophyta (diatom) from the highest lakes in the world, Himalayan Range, Nepal. Submitted 2017.

*Cymes, B., Krekler, M., Nicholson, K. and Grigsby, J., A transmission electron microscopy (TEM) study of silver nanoparticles associated with mine waste from New Caledonian nickel deposits: Potential origins of silver toxicity in a World Heritage Site. Accepted 2017.

Gruver, J., Nicholson, K.N., Neumann, K., Sharma, S. and Dowling, C., 2017, Water quality in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal: A modification of viable field-based testing methods. Journal of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 6: .

*Stewart, A. and Nicholson, K.N., 2017. Distribution of Drift Pumice as an Indicator for Pollutant Distribution and Sediment Transport in New Caledonia. International Journal of Oceanography and Aquaculture 1 (2): 000112.

Nicholson, K.N. and *Stewart, A., 2016. Sourcing sea-rafter pumice in New Caledonia based on geochemical characteristics. Ocean Science Journal 51(4): 665-680.

Nicholson, K.N., *Hayes, E., Neumann, K. and Dowling, C., 2016, Drinking water quality in the Sagarmatha National Park (Mt. Everest) Nepal. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 4 43-53. doi: 10.4236/gep.2016.44007.

Course Schedule
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Planet Earth Geol En 101 02 1100 - 1150 M W F AR, room 105
Planet Earth Geol En 101 03 1200 - 1250 M W F TC, room 412
Structural Geology T 315 1 0900 - 1050 M W F AR, room 105
Group Field Research 485 01 0000 - 0000 TBD, room TBD
Research Colloquium 500 1 1600 - 1650 W AR, room 105
Thesis 698 342 0000 - 0000 TBD, room TBD